Introduction to DataKindness Technology

Innovative Technology for Meaningful Impact

Welcome to the heart of DataKindness – where groundbreaking technology meets our vision of a kinder world. Our suite of data-driven solutions is designed not just to transform your business but to make a lasting impact on society.

Key Features and Capabilities

Database Access

Gain access to extensive B2B and B2C contact information through our rich data resources. This access forms a solid base for your targeted marketing strategies, ensuring precision in every campaign.

Advanced Lead Generation

Harness the power of real-time, precision-targeted lead generation. Our system uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze web traffic and user behavior, delivering high-quality leads tailored to your business needs.

In-Market Intent Data with Display Ads

Optimize your ad campaigns with our fusion of in-market intent data and targeted display ads. This approach pinpoints potential customers through their real-time activities and connects with them via strategically placed ads, enhancing conversion rates and optimizing your ad spend.

Digital Impressions

Using Beeswax's Demand-Side Platform, we offer 200 targeted digital impressions per lead. These impressions are finely tuned based on user intent data, maximizing the impact of your digital advertising.Benefits of Using DataKindness Technology

Website Pixel

Our advanced pixel technology tracks website visitor behavior, matching IP addresses and intent with relevant third-party contact information. This allows for a more targeted approach in reaching potential customers. We offer UNLIMITED LEAD REVEAL on any page of your website you put this pixel on.

Data Accuracy and Lead Quality

Trust in data that drives results. Our commitment to data accuracy and depth ensures you receive reliable, actionable information to power your marketing and sales strategies.

Data Demystified for General Audiences

At the core of our lead generation is an advanced data matching process. By cross-referencing user online activities and behaviors with a vast pool of demographic and psychographic data, we identify individuals who are actively seeking your services or products. This process involves: Behavioral Analysis: We track website visitor actions, such as page views, downloads, and time spent on site.

Then we interpret these behaviors to determine purchase intent, and match these intent signals with demographic information to create a comprehensive profile of each potential lead.

Our technology enriches this information with additional data points from over 12,000 co-registration sites, refining the leads to ensure they meet your specific business criteria all in real-time.

Our commitment to data accuracy and depth ensures you receive reliable, actionable information to power your marketing and sales strategies.

Voices of Impact: Stories from Our Partners

DataKindness transformed our approach to digital marketing. Their Website Pixel Tracking tool provided insights we never had before, enabling us to understand our audience like never before. The result? A 30% increase in lead conversion in just three months. Plus, knowing that part of our investment helps support charitable causes makes every success even more rewarding.
Emily Huang
Marketing Director