Our Giving Model:
The Flourishing Tree of DataKindness

At the heart of DataKindness is a mission to redefine the relationship between business success and philanthropy. We believe that the two can coexist harmoniously, creating a system where commercial achievements contribute directly to social welfare. Our approach is about making data the catalyst for positive change, both in the market and in the community.

How Does the DataKindness Giving Model Work? 

A Significant Portion Of Our Profits Are Channeled Into Philanthropic Efforts. 

30% Of Our Equity Is Committed To Non-Profit Stakeholders. 
Another 20% Goes Directly To Supporting Charities
Chosen By Our Customers. 

This Model Is Best Depicted As a Flourishing Tree

The Flourishing Tree Of DataKindness

Roots: Equity Commitment

Our giving begins with our roots. We dedicate 31% of our equity to non-profit stakeholders. This foundational commitment is like the roots of a tree, providing essential nourishment and stability, ensuring a continuous flow of resources to vital causes and communities in need.

Trunk: Operations & Growth

The trunk of our tree represents the core of DataKindness – our ethical business operations and steady growth. Just like a tree trunk, our business practices are strong and resilient, forming the backbone that supports and sustains our charitable initiatives.

Branches: Profit Sharing

Our branches, symbolizing the 20% profit-sharing mechanism, extend our support to diverse charities chosen by our clients. Each branch, unique and far-reaching, reflects our commitment to spreading our assistance as widely as possible, fostering growth and diversity in our charitable endeavors.

Leaves: Individual Non-Profits

The leaves of our tree are the myriad non-profits that benefit from our contributions. Each leaf, vibrant and essential, represents the different causes and communities that flourish thanks to the generosity of DataKindness and our valued customers.

Fruits: Impact & Ripple Effects

The fruits of our tree embody the tangible impacts of our giving. These fruits nourish the ground and scatter seeds, symbolizing the lasting change our contributions create. They represent how our acts of kindness lead to a cycle of growth, renewal, and inspired corporate responsibility.

Cycle of Growth & Renewal

Like a tree experiencing cycles of growth and renewal, our charitable model is dynamic, continuously adapting to the evolving needs of the communities we serve. This ensures that, year after year, our impact not only grows but also strengthens, nurturing a legacy of kindness and transformation.

Giving Is Who We Are.
Leads Are What We Do.