Expand Your Business.

Expand Your Business.

Impact Your Community.

Impact Your Community.

DataKindness, The Premier Targeted Marketing Platform That Gives…

DataKindness, The Premier Targeted Marketing Platform That Gives…

You the ability to effortlessly create, launch, and manage display campaigns targeted at your in-market audience. With DataKindness, you can position your business in front of potential customers when they are actively browsing; accelerating your growth and expanding your reach like never before. Join us today and unlock the power of targeted marketing to drive your success!



Giving is who we are. Leads are what we do.

Giving is who we are. Leads are what we do.



For every dollar you spend, 20% goes back to the charity of your choice.


For every dollar you spend, 10% goes back to… you! Yes you!

For every dollar you spend, 

20% goes back to the charity of your choice.


For every dollar you spend, 

10% goes back to… you!  Yes you!

Introduction to DataKindness Technology

Innovative Technology for Meaningful Impact

Welcome to the heart of DataKindness – where groundbreaking technology meets our vision of a kinder world. Our suite of data-driven solutions is designed not just to transform your business but to make a lasting impact on society. 

Key Features and Capabilities

Advanced Lead Generation

Harness the power of real-time, precision-targeted lead generation. Our system uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze web traffic and user behavior, delivering high-quality leads tailored to your business needs.

In-Market Intent Data with Display Ads

Optimize your ad campaigns with our fusion of in-market intent data and targeted display ads. This approach pinpoints potential customers through their real-time activities and connects with them via strategically placed ads, enhancing conversion rates and optimizing your ad spend.

Website Pixel

Our advanced pixel technology tracks website visitor behavior, matching IP addresses and intent with relevant third-party contact information. This allows for a more targeted approach in reaching potential customers. We offer UNLIMITED LEAD REVEAL on any page of your website you put this pixel on.

Digital Impressions

Using Beeswax's Demand-Side Platform, we offer 200 targeted digital impressions per lead. These impressions are finely tuned based on user intent data, maximizing the impact of your digital advertising.Benefits of Using DataKindness Technology

Database Access

Gain access to extensive B2B and B2C contact information through our rich data resources. This access forms a solid base for your targeted marketing strategies, ensuring precision in every campaign.

Data Accuracy and Lead Quality

Trust in data that drives results. Our commitment to data accuracy and depth ensures you receive reliable, actionable information to power your marketing and sales strategies.

Data Demystified for General Audiences

At the core of our lead generation is an advanced data matching process. By cross-referencing user online activities and behaviors with a vast pool of demographic and psychographic data, we identify individuals who are actively seeking your services or products. This process involves:
Behavioral Analysis: We track website visitor actions, such as page views, downloads, and time spent on site.


Then we interpret these behaviors to determine purchase intent, and match these intent signals with demographic information to create a comprehensive profile of each potential lead. 


Our technology enriches this information with additional data points from over 12,000 co-registration sites, refining the leads to ensure they meet your specific business criteria all in real-time.


Our commitment to data accuracy and depth ensures you receive reliable, actionable information to power your marketing and sales strategies.


Real Success, Real Impact, Real Giving.

Our Mission Is To Harness The Power of Data Not Just To Fuel Business Growth, But To Instill Kindness In The Industry

1. Ethical Lead Generation

DataKindness uses sophisticated algorithms for real-time, precision-targeted lead generation, ensuring businesses connect with relevant customers. This approach promotes ethical marketing practices by focusing on leads with genuine interest, reducing intrusive and irrelevant advertising.

2. Data Privacy and Security

The company adheres to strict data privacy and security protocols. By respecting user privacy and complying with regulations like GDPR and CCPA, DataKindness maintains consumer trust and upholds high data protection standards.

3. Social Responsibility and Charitable Giving

A unique aspect of DataKindness is its commitment to donating a significant portion of its profits to charities chosen by its clients. This practice not only supports various social causes but also allows clients to be part of the philanthropic process, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

4. Sustainable Business Practices

DataKindness’s business model, which integrates profitability with philanthropy, represents a sustainable approach to commerce. This model demonstrates that business success and societal welfare can coexist and mutually benefit each other.

5. Community Engagement and Impact

By involving clients in the decision-making process for charitable contributions and providing regular updates on the impact of these donations, DataKindness promotes transparency and encourages a culture of community engagement and awareness.

6. Employee Well-being and Inclusivity

Internally, DataKindness fosters a healthy workplace environment by prioritizing employee well-being, encouraging inclusivity, and ensuring that its team members are aligned with the company’s values and mission.

7. Educating Clients and the Public

Through its marketing, communications, and public engagement, DataKindness educates its clients and the broader public on the importance of data ethics, privacy, and the role of businesses in promoting social good.

8. Innovation with a Purpose

DataKindness continually innovates its technology and services, not just for business growth, but to increase its capacity for social impact, demonstrating that technological advancement can be a powerful tool for positive change.

By promoting these principles, DataKindness not only contributes to its own healthy ecosystem but also influences the broader business community to adopt more sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible practices.


Working together we can foster business growth while making a meaningful and lasting impact. 

Join Us.

Ours is a story of innovation and compassion.

At DataKindness, our story is a tapestry of technology and heart. 
Born from a vision to combine cutting-edge lead generation with charitable giving, we’ve been pioneering the balance of profit and purpose since our inception. Every chapter in our journey reflects a commitment to innovation and dedication to making a difference. 

Join Us. 


Giving is who we are. Leads are what we do. 

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